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Our services include a versatile selection of custom solutions that help you optimize your online store or website and provide the best user experience. We offer the addition of shipping modules for different destinations and shipping methods. We will create a blog for your website that improves SEO and increases traffic. We integrate inventory management systems that help you efficiently manage a large number of products. n addition, we will make the websites multilingual as needed. A multilingual website expands the target audience and enhances the user experience of the website. We integrate loan and repayment modules to improve the shopping experience. We will update the PHP version of the website as needed. Our special solutions automate work processes and reduce manual work. Discover our wide range of services and adopt special solutions that will take your web project to a new level.

We offer testing services for websites with the new version of PHP. As a result of testing and finding errors, we will prepare an audit, based on which we can provide a more precise estimate for further development work. If no errors are found during testing, we will update the PHP version on your website for FREE.

Delivery modules

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We set up different shipping modules for your online store that allow you to customize and manage the delivery of your products according to different destinations and shipping methods (itella, omniva, dpd)

Creating a blog

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We create a blog for your website so that you can increase visitor engagement, share expertise and improve your website’s SEO.


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If you have a large number of products in your online store and you use a physical warehouse with a warehouse management system, we will integrate your online store with the warehouse management system you use.

Multilingual webpage

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Creating a multilingual page will help expand your target audience and provide a better user experience for speakers of different nationalities and languages.

Installment module

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We integrate the installment payment module into your online store to improve the customer shopping experience, increase the convenience of shopping and create a positive shopping experience, which in turn can help in increasing sales and expanding the customer base.

Other custom solutions

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We offer custom solutions that automate & optimize work and business processes, including the creation of plugins and other additional functionality. For example, we have developed special solutions that allow tasks to be completed with just a few clicks, thereby reducing manual work.

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If you need to add a module, create plugins or need another special solution, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to help and find customized solutions to meet your needs.